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Mengil Manhide's Manflayers

Mengil Manhide is the sadistic, cannibalistic leader of a vicious group of Dark Elf mercenaries known throughout the Old World as The Manflayers. They travel unseen across the lands under the cover of darkness, selling their skills to the highest bidder and adorning themselves with the flayed flesh of those they slaughter in battle.

Throughout the lands of the Old World, Mengil has plied his trade, and the band of Dark Elf warriors who follow him, known as the Manflayers, are rightly feared. They are employed as assassins and murderers, and are often used to eliminate rivals. He is often used by those who wish to make an example of the target, for Mengil takes savage pleasure in skinning his foes, often leaving the skinless bodies of his victims hanging from the trees or impaled on spikes in the ground. On occasion, Mengil's Manflayers will take to the battlefield, employed to infiltrate deep into enemy territory to spread terror and confusion.

For Hire: Any army except Bretonnia, High Elves, Wood Elves & Dwarfs may hire Mengil and his Manflayers using the rules for hiring Dogs of War units.

Points: Mengil and 5 Manflayers (including a standard bearer as well as a musician) cost a total of  250 points. This is the minimum sized regiment you can hire, the size of the unit can be increased by adding additional Manflayers at + 17 points per model to a maximum of 20 models in total.

Mengil Manhide    M5 WS5 BS6 S4 T3 W2 I7 A2 LD9

Manflayer              M5 WS4 BS5 S3 T3 W1 I6 A1 LD8

Equipment: Mengil and the Manflayers are armed with a handweapon, a repeating crossbow, light armour and carry a shield. 

Save: 5+

Options: The unit may exchange their shields for 2-handed Greatswords at a cost of +1 point per model.

Magic Items: 

The Banner of Kalad: The Banner of Kalad is enchanted, creating a nimbus of shadow around Mengil and his warriors, making them even more difficult to spot and allow them to approach their prey even more closely before they strike from the shadows. 

Any unit attempting to hit Mengil or his Manflayers with a shooting or close combat attack suffers a -1 to hit penalty, combined with the skirmish rule, this means the Manflayers are very hard to hit with missile weapons.

Special Rules:

Scouts: The Manflayers are Dark Elf scouts and therefore suffer no movement penalty in rocky terrain, they may skirmish and use special deployment rules.

Manflayers: Mengil and his Manflayers are cannibalistic killers that skin their foes and wear their flayed hide as cloaks. 

The regiment may never pursue, however each enemy unit that they break or wipe out in close combat gives them 1 additional victory point (even if a unit rallies later).

Hate High Elves: The Manflayers follow the normal Dark Elf rules and therefore hate any High Elves they fight in battle.

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  1. The idea of being able to switch between Great Weapon & shields was to allow people to use either the older 3rd edition models, or later 6th edition version.
    If using the VP 100 system, then the additional Victory Points from being Manflayers is of course increased to 100 per broken or wiped out unit.