lördag 23 juli 2022

Playing Warhammer scenarios without preparation.

I thought of this idea after I had a talk with a friend of mine about warhammer scenarios. We both agreed that it was a lot more fun to play different scenarios rather than just Pitched Battle all the time, but also came to the conclusion that several scenarios rarely get played because they need more preparation. As an example, if someone wants to play a game with me, we usually agree on point-values & maybe some extra restrictions. But unless we have specified a specific scenario, then we will both show up with the same amount of points & scenarios such as Last Stand won't be viable to play.

So the idea I had was, what if you both (or all if more than 2 people) agree to make one army of 1000 points, one of 1500 points & finally a 2000 point army.

Before you begin, both players roll a D3 & use the army you roll:

1: 1000 points

2: 1500 points

3: 2000 points

A warband of Chaos ambush the Lizardmen

Then depending on which armies both players rolled, consult the chart below:

If both armies are of the same value, play Meeting Engagement (Battle Book, page 26)

If one army is twice as big as the other, play Last Stand (Battle Book, page 30)

If one army is 500 points bigger than the other, play Ambush (Battle Book, page 29)

When playing the Last Stand scenario, make sure the defending army gets at least 1 piece of terrain they can defend, otherwise it will be a very 1 sided battle.

The forces of Tzeentch make a last stand vs the followers of Slaanesh

Not only will you play different scenarios, but it will also be a tactical challenge as you can't prepare for many of the scenarios (your armybuilding will have to be more allround), nor do you even know beforehand how many points you will have!

We tried it out with 4 players, each one playing each other, for a total of 3 games each, it worked remarkably well, this is something I will be doing more & I encourage you to try it, this could work with just about any edition of warhammer, not just 5th!.

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