söndag 18 juni 2023

Forgotten projects, or rather "Projects of Shame"

I saw this concept mentioning by somebody and I immediately thought it would be a good mental hobby push for me.

It's a bit of a different look at it than just the "lead mountain". 

The Projects of Shame can be defined however you like for your own needs, but for me, they are generally projects that fall into basic description of “a project, large or small, that was a major motivation but has lingered for too long of a time, and I would be totally embarrassed and or dejected if I never finished it.

I have a couple, I guess most wargamers do. Mine are as follows:

5th edition Wood Elf army: this is a project I started in 2019 for the Oldhammer in the North project, it was a project that set out for people to each make a 1000 points army, then battle it out for a full weekend, sadly no one but me got to the end. So I never got to battle it out, the army is roughly 1200 points atm, I aim to have at least another 1000 points so I can play some normal sized battles with it, however the drive to finish it waned after the project was done, I haven't added a whole lot to the army despite the fact that I got the models.

Daemonic Legion: Over the years I´ve collected chaos, daemons have always been something I have bought, but to be brutally honest, I haven´t painted too many of them, I hope this will change as I have just started doing a small Daemonic legion, the list is a very mobile army of 1500 points in total:

Daemon Prince / Bloodthirster to lead the army

2x6 Units of Flesh Hounds

15 Bloodletters with command

1 Bloodcrusher

1 Chaos Spawn

5 Harpies

6 Dark Elf Scouts

The Dark elf scouts are done, so a total of 35 models to paint, shouldn't be too hard right?

Dogs of War: I've always liked the concept of the Dogs of War, since 5th edition, into 6th edition I wanted a Dogs of War army, despite the fact that it is on the weaker side, I like that I can build an army which I can use in my other armies as well, over the years I´ve gathered a lot of Dogs of War units, such as Vespero's Vendetta, Golgfag's Ogres, The Venators, Mengil's Manflayers, Bronzino's Galloper guns, etc etc, in fact I have most units released except the pikemen, so a couple of years ago I converted a unit of 30 pikemen from Empire spearmen, but never got around to paint it. While this is a project between projects, I would love to one day be able to field a full Dogs of War army.

Battle Masters: Battle Masters is a fantasy miniatures battle game by Milton Bradley, licensed from Games Workshop. It's easy, it's fun & it's huge, that's the only downside imo, while it looks impressive, it's hard to find a spot to set it up, a few years ago I saw a post on Boardgame geek about a smaller version, a member had scanned everything & made it much smaller, so it was a portable version, I really liked this idea, so I downloaded everything, cut it out, laminated it, but never painted the models.... As we´re talking about roughly 40 models for the entire game, this is a project I would like to finish in the near future.

Dungeon Saga: My favorite dungeon crawler, the idea of playing with a fully painted boardgame is something I aspire, yet I never get around to finish these models, I would like to have this done before the new version of the game (which I backed on kickstarter) is out, at least the models from the basegame.

What's your Projects of Shame?

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