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Middlehammer Legacy Project 2018 - Chaos Warband of the Weird and Wonderful

The idea of a Legacy Project is that each person paints and contributes one miniature to a themed/colour schemed group of miniatures, and then there is a lottery to decide who wins the group as a legacy of the project - 2018 it was decided that we  have a theme of a Weird/Chaos Fantasy War Band.
You can read more about the project here: middlehammer-legacy-project-2018

I recently injured my hand which prevented me from doing any conversion work & also made it a bit more difficult to paint, so I decided on painting something simple, hopefully the paintjob would make up for the lack of conversion work.
I decided to paint the common 4:th edition plastic beastman, the major reason I went with this one over newer models was because it made the whole thing more nostalgic, the common beastman was ,along with the plastic Chaos Warriors, the very first purchase I made many years ago when I first got into warhammer.

The overall colourscheme was Purple with dirty White details, I thought long and hard on whether to paint the beastman with Purple skin, or maybe as an albino, but in the end I Went with more familiar colours & let the details be purple & white instead.

Base colours laid down.

Beastmen are humanoid creatures with a variety of animal features, usually including cloven feet, horns, excessive body hair, and bestial faces. They are mutants formed from humans or animals by the corrupting influences of Chaos such as warpstone or getting to close to the transforming realm of Chaos.
There is a lot of variation across Beastmen although the cloven hoofs and goatlike features including horns are common – this type of Beastman was originally known as a Caprigor, but in recent years the term Gor is more often used to describe the common Beastmen form.

Bukthac Blazingmane
M 4 WS 4 BS 3 ST 4 W 2 I 3 A 1 LD 7
Equipment: Halberd

"Bukthac was howling with fury, how dare those puny humans stand before him, he was a child of chaos, born as a Gor, Gor was strong, human was weak. The gods of chaos had chosen him, he would show them, he would kill them, eat them, their weak gods would not, nay, could not save them from the Gor."

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