söndag 22 mars 2020

Blast from the past - Evil Cleric

Back in 1999 when ebay was rather new, I used to sit in a friends basement & wonder at all the oop Games Workshop stuff, I bought a shitload, in fact most of my 80´s stuff was bought back then, when bargains was rather easy to find, unlike today. One thing I bought was the FAC22 Evil Cleric.
It looked really cool on the picture & I thought he would make an excellent leader for my Chaos knights, despite the age (sculpted in 1982), when it arrived I was very dissapointed, he was so much smaller than the other stuff I had, so I felt I had no use for him, however I still felt the sculpt was rather nice, so I decided to paint it anyway, I remember doing some experiments on the model, such as metallic black armour, adding  another layer of highlights to the red etc etc. Then he went into a box, not to be seen again until yesterday when I was rummaging a few old boxes searching for my Battle Masters Tower. I took out the model, snapped a few pics & then put him into my display cabinet.

It´s not the best painted model, it was after all over 20 years ago it got painted, it might just be me being nostalgic but I like it!
There´s a foot version as well of it, I never painted mine though I did see the model when rummaging through said boxes.

tisdag 17 mars 2020

Vha'shaelhur the Mauler

Vha'shaelhur the Mauler: Once a blacksmith's son in Bretonnia, Vha'shaelhur, or as he was known then, Remy, won a huge sum of money from a noble's son, he quickly learned to love the lifestyle of the rich and prosperous. It all ended one day when his father learned of where Remy had gained his wealth, and told the local Knight of the Realm, the Bretonnian noble sent his men after Remy's family, whom betrayed his location without hesitation, once found Remy was stripped of all money, lashed by the noblemans son he had won the money from and branded as a thief.
Shunned by everyone, he had nowhere to go except north. Driven mad by betrayed hate, Remy sold his soul to Slaanesh for the chance to exact revenge on his family and the Bretonnian nobles, he was forever after known as Vha'shaelhur.

Painted in different colours than what is usually associated with Slaanesh, I figured it was better if it fits in with the rest of my mainly Khornate army rather than stand out too much, but the scheme works for the steed imo!

tisdag 10 mars 2020

Dungeon Saga review

I used to love dungeon crawling games such as Heroquest & Warhammer quest, in my youth I played & replayed these games a lot, then came Warhammer, Dungeons & dragons, computer games not to mention the very expensive hobby of Magic the Gathering.
I don´t own these early games anymore, to be honest I don´t know where my Heroquest went, I still find models now & then. My warhammer quest was sold to a friend whom I don´t hang out with anymore.
Then a few years ago a friend asked me to play Descent with their group, it got my itch for boardgames to return, I bought the original Dwarf Kings Hold & Green menace from Mantic, played through a few missions with my girlfriend, then a Kickstarter went up for Dungeon saga, a new game based on the Dwarf Kings Hold mechanics but the style being a more traditional dungeon crawl with heroes exploring dungeons, perfect!
So speed up til 2020, Close to 5 years have passed since I got the game & some of the expansions, I have now played through the base game a total of 3 times, 2 as a GM with 2 different 4 man groups & once as the adventurers, playing 1 vs 1 against a friend who played it as the overlord.
I already said over a year ago I wanted to paint this boardgame as it looks so much better with painted models, well that hasn´t happened yet, hopefully it will soon.

The box itself is a great sell. When you slide the packaging out from it's cardboard cover it's designed like a huge book, like a tome of lost knowledge, and inside you get everything you need - and you really do you get a lot. for £49.99 there's plenty inside. Tokens, books, but most importantly you get 26 assembled plastic miniatures, I got it with the kickstarter so needless to say I got about twice the amount of models, can't get much more value than that.
The game is really simple - the heroes have to get across the dungeon map without dying. That's pretty much it. There's undead to fight, items to pilfer, some random room encounters (including a dungeon that spins) and doors to get through, but the basic premise of the game is to get from one end to the other in one piece.
The game can be played either solo vs an invisible overlord (need an expansion for this), or as a 1 vs 1 game or with up to 5 players with one being the evil overlord.

What I like about this game is the simplicity, fighting is easy, each player rolls dice and compares the values sequentially, highest dice winning (this works the same with both close combat & shooting). No great interest there. But if there's more than one model attacking you, you lose one dice for both attack and defence. If one's in your rear you lose another dice for that combat. This makes positioning very important, yet as stated the comparison of dice is easy to grasp even for players not used to these types of games. Simplicty doesn't mean the game becomes dull; there's enough complexity to make the game tactical, and more than once there were moments when the balance of a game shifted because one hero got cut off, or was injured and unable to perform properly. The game mechanics may be simple but it allows you to concentrate on what makes the game fun; exploring dungeons and beating up bad guys.
We´ve had great fun playing through the games, sadly the tiles makes setting up the game take almost as long as playing the game, which is probably the one downside with this game.
All in all I like Dungeon Saga, I will play the expansions with one group soon, we´re starting with the Return of Valandor, hopefully we will enjoy it as much as the base game.

For those that love oldstyle dungeon crawlers this is a great substitute, I give it 9/10!

fredag 14 februari 2020

Oerl the young

Oerl the Young:  When the Bearmen were beset by a horde of Orc raiders, many were undone by the craven beasts' black arrows before Beorg strode forth and snapped the Orc chieftain's neck like a twig. During the battle, a young Marauder known as Oerl the Young was caught in the eye with a Goblin's arrow, leaving a deep scar riven across his face. Yet despite his injury, Oerl had nonetheless kept high the banner of the Ursfjordings; the Bear of Urslo, the skin of a massive, Chaos touched bear that Bran, Beorg's father, had slain to celebrate his son's birth. Impressed with Oerl's courage, Beorg granted the warrior gold and an honoured place on the battlefield -- at his side.

The Bear Banner: Beorg's battle-standard is borne by the hardy warrior, Oerl the Young -- an entire bearskin whose grizzly head leers out from the top. The skin is touched by the power of the Dark Gods, and the blessings of the gods is such that the banner radiates an aura of rage that drives the already fierce Ursfjordings into a terrible battle-fury that is impossible to contain.

Still working on some bearmen to finish of the unit before we start our 5:th edition Storm of Chaos campaign. the Bearmens banner is a magical banner which work as a light version of the Banner of Might, at half the cost it gives +1 to hit in the first round of any combat, I´d love this banner on a unit of knights, but it´s better than nothing even on a unit of infantry.

söndag 9 februari 2020

Mystery models

I recently bought a joblot of various miniatures, in it were a few warhammer fantasy minis, but also some mystery minis which I´m not sure what they are.

When I saw the pic of the joblot I figured it was conversions which had been undercoated green & red, but it wasn´t so, there´s one of each colour, they are obviously High elves that were in the 4th edition starter:
However different colour in the plastic (but the same type of plastic) & with halberd tops from the Empire 4th edition halberdiers.

 They are slightly smaller which makes me think they might be some form of recasts as you can see from this dark elf that was also in the joblot (a single red & green as well, nothing different except size), however who would recast cheap plastic figures? Especially in plastic? Are they from another game? Could they be testmodels for elves with halberds?
They had different bases but fit straight into a normal slottabase.

If you know anything, please let me know!

Apparently these models are recasts made by Tehnolog for a russian game called Mortal Kombat made in the 90's, until GW stopped them that is. There´s a few other models out there:

Necromunda vs fantasy!

Some warhammer quest models there as well.

Thanks to Alexey Ivanov on the Oldhammer Community for letting me know!

onsdag 22 januari 2020

The Northmen cometh!

I had a few days off from work because of an injury, I didn´t want to let them go to waste, each day after the physiotherapy I tried to get in a few hours of painting, I primarily focused on painting Chaos marauders & characters to go with them since I will be playing a Storm of Chaos campaign, the first game is less than a week away!

Beorg Bearstruck is a champion of Chaos Undivided & a Werebear of Norscan ancestry, who hails from the Ursfjordings, known also as the Tribe of the Bear, or as they are more commonly known by those they kill: the Bearmen of Urslo.
When the armies of the Everchosen, Archaon, began to marshall against the southern heathens, Beorg was amongst the first to pledge his life to Archaon's banner. He cared little for the so-called 'civilised' world, and had long despised the weakness of the Empire that they dared to deny the Dark Powers. What was moreso, he and his warriors had long since tired of easy conquests amongst the weaker northern tribes, and desired a battle more worthy of their caliber as warriors.

First model of 2020

Vardek Crom, the Conqueror is of the Kul. A tribe of the Kurgan people. Before he was 20 he rose to become the chieftain of the tribe, before another ten winters had passed Crom was one of mightiest kings the Steppes had ever known.
When news came to him of a company of armoured knights marching over his lands uninvited, Crom was furious. Angered by the slight to his sovereignty and made reckless by his infuriating dreams, he immediately rode forth to challenge the intruders. Catching sight of the knights across the sweeping plains he bellowed challenges at them until eventually their dark leader raised a hand, stopping his riders and turning back.
The knights spurred towards the king of the Kul, who soon found himself encircled. Though outnumbered many times over, Crom did not back down and demanded to know who dared cross his lands without his permission. The leader of the knights replied simply that his name was Archaon, and he sought the six treasures of Chaos. As far as Crom was concerned, for Archaon to make such a statement as this was the ultimate blasphemy. Drawing his sword Crom challenged Archaon to single combat and to prove that he was indeed he chosen of the Gods.
After having defeated several of Archaon's finest they finally came to blows, Archaon defeated Crom, but spared him. Crom had been tested and found to be a mighty warrior; Archaon bade Crom accompany him for the remainder of his journey. Crom realised that Archaon could truly be the figure from his dreams, the chosen of the Gods and of the prophecy he who would bring about the Storm of Chaos. The Gods could not have given Crom greater honour and, leaving his people, he joined Archaon's band, the Swords of Chaos, and Crom's tale passed into the myths of the Kul. Over the decades spanned by that epic quest, Crom's fervour and belief in Archaon grew ever stronger. Soon he became the most loyal and devoted of his Lord's companions, travelling far and wide in his lord's name - a herald for the Lord of the End Times.

Marauder Horsemen are the eyes and ears of a Chaos army, whose swift steeds and merciless riders are known throughout the Old world to be amongst the greatest horsemen to have ever lived.

7 models in total, from 3 different editions, but all belong to Chaos & have been followers of Archaon, so they fit right in during the Campaign. I painted Marauder horsemen due to the fact that I only had a single unit but have decided against using the elite Chaos stuff in the first game (doesn't feel right that the elite stuff turn up all at once), so loads of marauders was necessary.
As you can see I added snow to the bases, it´s Valhallan Blizzard from Games workshop, I really like this & will add it to the bases of my older models, it feels rather fitting with a Chaos army & adds some nice bright contrast to the otherwise dark models.

måndag 13 januari 2020

2019 Recap & what 2020 has in store (hopefully)

At the end of the year, or in this case, the start of a new year, I like to look back at the year that´s gone by, not just when it comes to my hobby, but also my work, my family, sports etc etc.
However I won't share that stuff with you, but I like to share a brief recap of my 2019 hobby-year.

In January 2018 I said that I would limit my games, & boy did I do that, I only played a total of 7 games the entire year! 5 games of warhammer fantasy 5th edition, 1 game of Rogue Trader (@ the Scandinavian oldhammer weekend) & a single game of X-wing, despite that after limiting myself I also told myself that the few games I do play, I want to play more.
I did play a lot more boardgames this year, but the decline of miniature gaming wasn't intentional, its just been hard to find the time for gaming.

I told myself I would attend some convention/tournament, I did do that, I arranged a game of warhammer 5th edition between Swedes & Danes, I also attended the Scandinavian oldhammer weekend, great times.

One of the highlights of the year for me in 2019 was my participation in Oldhammer in the North, I came a long way with my Wood Elves & although they´re not done I feel like I came a long way in building a new army if I add some specialist units this army is on a playable level.
All in all my painting in 2019 wasn´t too shabby, 26 models in total, 2 less than 2018, but a lot of characters (which takes a lot more time).
I´m very excited as my Chaos army is finally done for 5th edition. I want to add a Giant Spider to it in case I will play 4:th edition (no room for lone Dragon ogres there), but it´s not a priority & I consider the army done.

In the coming year my goals include:
  • Paint up a few Chaos models for an upcoming Storm of Chaos campaign I will play using 5th edition rules
  • Continue work on the Wood elves to at least 1500 points without magic items.
  • Paint up my Dungeon saga boardgame. We´ve been playing through the entire first campaign of Dungeon Saga, we will now play through the Return of Valandor expansion, I want to play it with painted models, it looks so much better!
  • Attend at least 1 convention/tournament. I will be there if they arrange a new Scandinavian oldhammer weekend, I am also excited about some talks on Facebook about a 6th edition tournament this summer in Jönköping, it´s close enough for me to drive & if I would attend a tournament I think the 6th edition rules fit better than any other edition.
  • Play more games! As mentioned above I have a campaign to play, hopefully I can get some more games in during 2020
  • In terms of playing more games, I will look into Kill-team, it has gotten very popular around here & if it looks good I will paint a team of my own.
  • Build some terrain, after seeing some nice stuff over at a friends house & considering how old my own stuff is, I decided that I will make some new terrain, whether this will be papercraft, home-made or just painting something is yet to be decided upon.

I will end this post with something that is very dear & means a lot to me, this miniature:

No it´s not my very first mini, this one is even more special than that, it´s my sons first mini.
He is a mere 3,5 years old & painted this model all by himself. He even got mad at me when I wanted to help him, I was only allowed to open the paint pots & wash the brush, he did the rest, even spray varnish it!
My son has always showed an interest in my miniatures since he was able to walk by himself & last year I gave him a few badly painted ones to play with, but the other day when I was sitting by the computer he asked me if he could paint one of my "gubbar", he  was so proud when done. It´s on his shelf now, he doesn´t play with it the same way as he does with the others, instead he says it gives orders to the others, so he´s sort of bossing them around. I really look forward to the day when I can introduce him to gaming properly.