söndag 22 april 2018

Middlehammer Legacy Project 2018 - Chaos Warband of the Weird and Wonderful

The idea of a Legacy Project is that each person paints and contributes one miniature to a themed/colour schemed group of miniatures, and then there is a lottery to decide who wins the group as a legacy of the project - 2018 it was decided that we  have a theme of a Weird/Chaos Fantasy War Band.
You can read more about the project here: middlehammer-legacy-project-2018

I recently injured my hand which prevented me from doing any conversion work & also made it a bit more difficult to paint, so I decided on painting something simple, hopefully the paintjob would make up for the lack of conversion work.
I decided to paint the common 4:th edition plastic beastman, the major reason I went with this one over newer models was because it made the whole thing more nostalgic, the common beastman was ,along with the plastic Chaos Warriors, the very first purchase I made many years ago when I first got into warhammer.

The overall colourscheme was Purple with dirty White details, I thought long and hard on whether to paint the beastman with Purple skin, or maybe as an albino, but in the end I Went with more familiar colours & let the details be purple & white instead.

Base colours laid down.

Beastmen are humanoid creatures with a variety of animal features, usually including cloven feet, horns, excessive body hair, and bestial faces. They are mutants formed from humans or animals by the corrupting influences of Chaos such as warpstone or getting to close to the transforming realm of Chaos.
There is a lot of variation across Beastmen although the cloven hoofs and goatlike features including horns are common – this type of Beastman was originally known as a Caprigor, but in recent years the term Gor is more often used to describe the common Beastmen form.

Bukthac Blazingmane
M 4 WS 4 BS 3 ST 4 W 2 I 3 A 1 LD 7
Equipment: Halberd

"Bukthac was howling with fury, how dare those puny humans stand before him, he was a child of chaos, born as a Gor, Gor was strong, human was weak. The gods of chaos had chosen him, he would show them, he would kill them, eat them, their weak gods would not, nay, could not save them from the Gor."

måndag 5 mars 2018

Scandinavian Oldhammer Day @ Rogue Trader, Copenhagen

This would be my first ever oldhammer event, Rogue Trader, Copenhagen  has toiled ceaselessly to bring this about.
The Schedule was:
We open at 9:00
Morning: Mordheim
Lunch Break
Afternoon: Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Painting Competition
Dinner Break
Evening: Necromunda and "Hygge"
I went there with another Swedish guy I didn't really know, Björn, we had recently come into contact with eachother trying to get a game in, in the near future.
We arrived in time for the Mordheim game, me & Björn took control of a Skaven warband & our opponent played undead.
His fear causing felt like it would be a major problem, but we got lucky since the scenario was treasure hunt & our superior movement won the day.
Great game made even better by the gorgeous table & terrain made by Benjamin:

Next up was the Warhammer bring & battle game, each player brought one strong regiment & one weaker regiment to the tabletop, we also had a hero or level 2 sorcerer to act as our leader.

I´ve been painting like crazy to get this regiment done in time,
now it was time for their first ever battle.

A warrior gains the attention of Nurgle & is turned into a Chaos spawn!

The fantasy game was lots of fun, although while I had Flesh Hounds & Warriors suited for closecombat I never got into combat, staying behind casting spells, in hindsight I should´ve been a lot more aggressive. Oh well, at least I got 2 objectives (worth 6 VP´s) which was enough for our side to win with 12 VP´s vs 7 VP´s.
MVP was the Necromancer the opponents had, his curse of years killed 3 Knights of the Blazing sun, 13 Chaos Warriors & a Chaos hero with Toughness 9! Total Power is bonkers with Power 3 spells!

Some nice Mordheim models on display:


As well as a nice old/middlehammer Chaos army:

Next up was the painting competition, there were 8 entries:

I entered my Heinrich Kemmler which got me second place behind the excellent Grey Wizard painted by Björn.

We went home before the Necromunda game, pleased with the day, loaded with lots of free miniatures & hopefully a return next year!

onsdag 28 februari 2018

Scandinavian Oldhammer Day

Just wanted to share this as I will be going & hope to meet you there!
Scandinavian Oldhammer Day - SOD on the 3rd of March 2018

The event will be a bring-and-show/bring-and-battle, built around small narratives and awesome terrain! So dust off your old minis and join us for some oldschool all out action!

As it is an Oldhammer event, it goes without saying that your minis should be of a certain Oldhammer vibe (if you don't know what that is, feel free to ask) AND THEY SHOULD BE PAINTED! We enjoy and celebrate all aspects of the hobby and this ev...ent should reflect that, please :)

All participants will be given a free Oldhammer miniature, courtesy of our generous sponsor, Oakbound Studios. 

 Entrance and participation: Free

The painting competition is sponsored by The Old School Miniatures Company, quite generously also. See the posts below.

Time Schedule for Saturday 3/3

We open at 9:00
Morning: Mordheim
Lunch Break
Afternoon: Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Painting Competition
Dinner Break
Evening: Necromunda and "Hygge"

Confirmed games:

Mordheim hosted by Benjamin Balle

Bring'n'Battle with the option of participation if you dont have a war band at hand. Just comment below if you want to join!

We will be running x number of games of Mordheim using the rules in the main Mordheim rulebook (and the eratta) including the optional critical tables at the back of the book.

All warbands listed on the site (link under this text), as “Official” and “Unofficial” are acceptable (except Shadow Warriors) providing you have the rules for them (and bring them with you) - if you are not sure of a particular warbands elligibilty please just ask.


Please bring a written warband list, dices and a ruler.

Warband build up:
600gc. (Marienburg 700gc)
You may allocate three skills between your heroes. No stat upgrades.
You may begin with hired swords, the price is the hire price, not the upkeep price.

Warbands should be wysiwyg, otherwise “show and tell” before gamestart.


Warhammer Fantasy Battle hosted by Nils Blishen
A Bring'n'Battle game of 4th ed. WHFB. Bring a unit, character, monster or anything you want and we'll fight a mega-battle! Nils has a special scenario for the day so expect surprises ;)


Necromunda hosted by Thomas Riley
A Bring'n'Battle style game - so dust off your old gang and get ready for some underhive action. We play using the Necromunda Communiy Editions (labelled NCE) from Yaktribe, making it possible to take the original gangs + supplements.

Starting with 1100 creds and 50 exp. to buy skill upgrades (I imagine this would be enough to create a decent gang with some upgrades, but I could be wrong, never tried a resurrection format in Necromunda before)

We will be playing a special scenario made for the event called ”The Senator’s Bastard Child”, so be prepared for anything! I’m toying with the idea of a kind of participation gang so you can join even if you don’t have a gang, so let me know if you’re interested in controlling a band of rogue NPCs. Also, let me know what gang you will be bringing.


Oldhammer Painting Competition
Simple and plain! We have 3 categories - 1) Single mini, 2) Mounted/Big Guy and 3) Vechicle/Monster/Unit or Team (basically an Open category)

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and overall winner! Thank you to our gracious sponsors, Old School Miniatures Company and Knightmare Games!


Buy - Sell and Swap
We will set up a couple of tables for buying, selling and swapping Oldhammer-style minis and terrain. Benjamin (the Mordheim host) will be bringing some of his custom-made terrain, and several other people have already confirmed they will bring stuff to trade.


The venue:
We are members of a local gaming club, aptly named Rogue Trader København https://www.roguetraderkbh.dk/, centrally located in Copenhagen, which can fit 10-12 tables of different sizes, 20-30 players. We also have access to a larger venue close, should the event prove more popular :)

We hope to see you there!

Thomas, Benjamin, Laze and Nils

tisdag 23 januari 2018

My favorite Herohammer magic items

We all have some magic item we prefer to use over others, be it due to some nostalgic reason, points-efficiency or because it fits your theme.

Here´s a list of my favorite items & a few words on why I like them. I won't mention race specific items as they´re too narrow.

Magic Weapons:
1. Executioner's Axe: This magic weapon might be the very best weapon in the game. Not only is it reasonably cheap (50 pts), it gives you a great weapon (+2 Strength, strike last) & what might be the best ability in the game. If you roll a 6 to hit (yes to hit, not to wound), then your target is automatically slain, no matter their toughness, save or amount of wounds. Not even specialsaves can be used as no wound is ever inflicted, it just outright kills your opponent.
Imagine the odds on a 4 attack model (most lords have 4 attacks), 66,67% chance of killing your opponent, now imagine it on something frenzied, you're almost guaranteed a kill. You just have to make sure you survive long enough to use it since you strike last.
Even if you do fail to roll a 6, you still have +2 Strength & it doesn't allow any armoursaves. This weapon is insane!

2. Flail of Skulls: Imo the most reliable weapon in the game, it counts as a flail (+2 Strength first round of combat), the skulls then bite into their enemy, doubling each wound caused. At a mere 30 points, without any drawbacks of striking last, this is imo the most efficient weapon in the game, it gets the job done & it does it well. I also like the idea of a flail topped with skulls.

3. Parrying Blade: This is a rather odd choice compared to the other weapons, but this is actually one of my favorite weapons. Sometimes you need to make sure you have a few magical attacks in your army, this might be due to etheral enemies or something else. That´s when I bring this weapon, imo this is perfect on a wizard or army standard bearer, it gives the character a small amount of protection & it gives you a few more magic attacks.
I used this on my Liche back in the day, together with Cursed book as the only protection & he still survived most games. An extra plus is that it is one of few items that offer some protection against Executioner's Axe (by reducing the amount of dice the opponent roll, you reduce the chance of a 6 showing up).

Magic Armour:
1. Armour of Meteoric Iron: It´s rather hard to get a good save on a character on foot, but Armour of Meteoric iron does just that, a 2+ save while on foot is good protection vs anything except the strongest of characters & monsters. I like putting this on my Army standard bearer, which is usually rather weak (especially if on foot), it's cheap, it allows the bearer to stay alive vs troops (make sure you don´t accept challenges unless it really helps you), Another item that gets the job done.

2. Armour of Fortune: My favorite armour in the game, for a mere 15 points you get heavy armour & a 5+ specialsave, on a mounted character this usually means a good armoursave followed by a decent specialsave, very point-efficent.

3. Charmed Shield: Ok this is an item that might do nothing, but it might also save your characters ass, I´ve used this on everything from my general, my armystandard, fighty heroes down to lowbie champions that I include just to be able to challenge. The reason I like this isn't because it is great or even good, but rather because it might be great.
It might negate a hit that would do nothing, but it might also negate a hit from a Cannonball, deadly spell, an exploding Heart of Woe or a 6 from Executioner's Axe.
It´s the potential I like in this item. Just imagine the face of your opponent when he rolls a hit with his artillery, you fail the look-out-sir roll & then just shrug it off with your 5 Point shield, I´ve done it a few times, it's fantastic ;)

Enchanted Items:
1. Ruby Chalice: 2 of my old regular opponents played very shooty lists (High Elves & Lizardmen), this item stopped them from killing my main unit, -2 to be hit by shooting attacks is nothing short of amazing, even something reliable like an elven Bolt Thrower will hit the unit on a 5 or 6, add to it that it also punishes the opponent in close combat (-1 to hit) & well this is imo a well rounded item that helps you out no matter what.

2. Amulet of Fire: Magic is one of those things that can dominate a game of Warhammer 5th edition, this item is rather risky, but the reward is usually worth it, most opponents doesn't want to cast their deadliest spell on a unit containing this item, at the risk of it being dispelled on a flat 4+, that´s the charm of this item, it means most opponents target something else, something less valuable, just because of the 50/50 chance of their spell not working.

3. Heart of Woe: This is an item I often include in my armies more because of the fun factor, rather than the potential of damage. This item forces your character to die before it works, but it also means your character goes out with a Boom, I like putting this on a cheap hero or champion & direct his ass towards something nasty that relies on toughness or armour rather than specialsaves to survive, the character usually dies, but takes his target with him.

1. Black Amulet: Very powerful wardsave, but the thing that makes this one stand out is the fact that it rebounds any wounds it saves back onto the attacker.

2. Dawnstone: This item really isn't as great as it first looks, while re-rolling a 1+ or 2+ armoursave is good, it doesn't really save vs the problematic characters, the ones with high enough strength to bypass your armour, but I still like this item because of nostalgia, it was my go to item when it comes to protection for a very long time until I realized how much better most other protective gear was.

3. Jade Amulet: This might be my favorite magic item in the game, it costs a mere 5 Points, gives its wearer a 2+ wardsave against 1 wound suffered. Killed an enemy with Heart of Woe? No problem. Failed that look out sir roll against that Cannonball. Don't worry. This item is basically never useless, for just 5 Points you get was is basically 5 out of 6 times better than an extra wound. I really can't tell how many times this 5 point item has saved an important characters ass.

Bound Spells:
1. Pipes of Doom: Expensive as hell, the damage output is rather low & it can only be cast on cavalry units, but the important thing here is that said cavalry unit can't charge, by using this item vs a Bretonnian player, I forced him to change his list to include scrolls just because he got fed up by this item.

2: Ring of Corin: Removing enemy magic items before they can be used is always good, especially in open list games.

3: Ring of Volans: This one is more because of the fun factor than raw power, you have no control over which spell it contains, but casting a teleport or protective spell with an army that normally don't have access to such spells can be very useful, timing it when the opponent has run out of winds of magic cards might be game changing.

Wizard Arcana:
1. Staff of Osiris: Bound spells are generally a good thing to have in warhammer, this is one of my favorites, I like putting it on a mounted character, that way I have a portable Bolt Thrower, which means you get an easier time hitting the flank of a nice juicy knight unit.

2. Chalice of Sorcery: Winds of Magic cards are needed to draw Power & dispel cards, the Chalice of Sorcery lets you draw extra cards, which means a higher chance of casting your own spells & dispelling the opponents.

3. Dispel Scroll: Yes I know, it's boring, but it's reliable, it's what keeps magic from dominating, I used to run a level 4 wizard with Chalice of Sorcery, 2 Scrolls & Jade Amulet backed up by a level 1 with scroll as well as a champion with Amulet of Fire just to make sure my opponent wouldn't get too many spells through. In general I go with 1-2 scrolls, this makes sure I can dispel that critical spell when I'm all out of winds of magic cards.

Magic Standards:
1. Banner of Defiance: While static combat resolution wasn't as great as actually killing your opponent, having a static combat resolution of 7 (3 ranks, doubled + banner) meant that the opponent had to kill a whole lot of enemies to win a combat. I really like this banner on defensive units with many ranks, you can just take the charge & drive the enemy away, while you may not pursue, the odds are quite big that you can catch the fleeing unit in your turn.

2. Banner of Might: No need for an explanation imo.

3. Standard of Shielding: This banner is a personal favorite, I've used it on medium cavalry such as Winged Lancers & Marauder Horsemen to give them a decent 3+ save, I've put it on Knights of the White Wolf to get them to a 2+ save, not to mention all the 2+ save cavalry which gets them to a 1+,  making them immune to S3 attacks. This banner is also good for turning basic 5+ save infantry into decent tankers, not to mention all elven spearmen, which get a 3+ save. Chaos warriors with Chaos armour can have the same save as heavy cavalry!
The only times I don't think this banner is useful is when the unit has no save to begin with or you want a unit to retain its status as fast cavalry.

Some fun combos I used to play with:

Heart of Woe + Potion of Strength: Gulp down that potion, charge the toughest opponent there is, cause a wound or 2, die on the retalion & go out with a boom!
Even better for Undead with Carstein Ring, the Vampire can nuke the enemy & return to Life at full health!

Skull Staff + Ring of Corin: As the opponent has to reveal any items that come within 12" you don't have to guess, I used this combo for a long time on a flying wizard to remove the enemies Black gems of Gnar & Crowns of Command.

Cloak of Mist and Shadows + Talisman of Obsidian: Expensive, but now you have a character that can only be hurt by Magic Weapons, so he can fly around causing mischief in the enemy backlines, very useful if they have some form of ranged attack or can cast spells. I believe you can imagine how annoyed an Orc & goblin player with lots of fanatics is by this build.

I haven't mentioned some staple items such as Crown of Command, Black Gem of Gnar, Forbidden Rod etc etc, it's not because they're not good, quite the opposite, they're so good that they've become boring imo & I try to stay away from them unless it's very competetive gaming.

söndag 7 januari 2018

Review of 2017 & my 2018 Hobby Resolutions

2017 was a year in which I thought I would get more time for painting as I would be home with my kid for 4 months, oh how wrong was I?

In total I painted 32 models:
25 Fantasy Warrior Orcs
3 Models for my Warhammer fantasy 5th edition army
1 Slambo
2 Repaints of X-wing models
1 Dungeon Saga undead dwarf


Not bad, but considering 25 of the models were hastily painted monopose Orcs, one can't be proud of the achievement....

My gaming wasn't great either, I got a total of 24 games played in 2017:
11 Games of X-wing (4 tournament games)
5 Games of Warhammer 8th edition (3 tournament games)
4 Games of Kings of War (3 Tournament games)
2 Games of Warhammer Skirmish
1 Game of Dungeon Saga
1 Game of Song of Blades & Heroes

While 24 games is still a decent 2 games per month, I have to point out that as many as 10 games were tournament games, the X-wing & warhammer games being at the same Convention & both games of skirmish was during the same day & my amount of actual gaming was a mere 13 times, about once per month I got a game in.
Even worse, this year I didn't play a single game of my favorite warhammer edition, my regular opponent of such games were moving house just before I did, so we never got any time to game except a single game of Song of Blades & Heroes the entire year!

So was 2017 such a bad year when it comes to miniaturegaming & hobbies? No, it might not be great, but there were a few good things, I entered my first X-wing tournament & while I lost 3 of my 4 games, all of my opponents told me I flew very good, I just needed better ships (a shame since I  really prefer the older ships), it was great fun nonetheless & the people was very friendly.
I also played in my second Kings of War tournament, winning 2 out of 3 games & just as with X-wing, I had great fun with great opponents.
Of course the highlight of the year has to be the warhammer tournament. A mere 6 players showed up, which was dissapointing, especially considering that during the event they also had to drop the Age of Sigmar & Kings of war tournaments due to very few interested attendants, all the while the 40K tournament had over 50 players, guess that says something about fantasy around here.
It was still great fun, I had 3 games with a rather soft list, facing Greenskins (led by Grimgor), Dwarves (gunline) & Lizardmen (Led by Kroak), I won all 3 so ended up being the regional champion in Warhammer 8th edition, something I´ve never been before, shame it had to be during a year with such a low turnout of players (during 6th edition the very same tournament had over 30 players & in early 8th edition it still reached 20+ players).
Warhammer fantasy may be in decline, but I still had more fun in this tournament than I´ve had since 5th edition.

Throgg & his friends munch on some Lizards
All in all I still consider 2017 a decent hobby-year, not as good as 2016, but not my worst either, here´s to 2018 being even better!

2018 Hobby Resolutions
It’s easy to come up with rather unrealistic new year’s resolutions, I can say I will paint a model each & every week or not buy a single mini during the entire year. I know this won't happen, this year I will have some realistic resolutions.
I’m limiting my games
I feel that I´m currently playing too many games, even worse is that I dug up & cleaned my old 40K army, making it ready for some paint, but in all honesty I don't have enough time to play my current games, let alone start new armies for new gaming systems. Instead I'm gonna limit myself to fewer games, I will drop Song of Blades & Heroes this year, my games will be X-wing & Warhammer for casual play & Kings of War for tournament play.
I'm going to attend at least one convention/tournament
I had great fun at the warhammer tournament last year, with that in mind I will enter at least one con this year, hopefully I can make it to the Scandinavian oldhammer weekend, 2-3 of March.
Finish my current projects & start a new one
As you've probably seen, my Project atm is a warhammer fantasy 5th edition army, I want to finish it for the oldhammer weekend if possible. They´re going to play a big 4th edition game there, I want my army done by then, I will have to change some stuff to make it a 4th edition army, but that should only be minor stuff.
When done with this army, I want to add a unit of Fallen to my Chaos Counts as Varangur Kings of War army, it´s only one unit of 3 models, I will add Slambo to this unit so it means I will only have to paint 2 models to finish the unit.
Finally I want to paint up one of my boardgames, atm I´m mostly playing Dungeonsaga, so it will most likely be that one I paint up.
Join in at least 2 middlehammer challenges
The middlehammer challenges so far has been great fun, I've participated in 4 out of 5 last year, but it has been rather hectic, this year I'm stepping down a notch, but I figure I should still be able to join at least 2 of them.
Sell of the backlog
I need a clearout. Big time. Years of collecting minis and not finishing them has been continuously mounting up.
I’ve been hesitant in the past about selling minis, in case I want to come back to them in the future. No more.
I need to be less attached to my backlog and more willing to sell unused minis, in fact I started yesterday by putting a unit of 90's middlehammer Plaguebearers on the Swedish version of Ebay, I will do this with more models, maybe trade some on the oldhammer weekend, I just know that I will need to get rid of some minis, because frankly I have more models than I will ever paint in my entire life....

5 hobby resolutions. All of them achievable & all of them will hopefully make 2018 a better hobby-year!

tisdag 21 november 2017

Chaos Through the Ages - Slambo

Slambo was originally released in 1987, back then he was a generic Chaos Warrior, but GW had a habit of naming all their models to give them more character, but also to help the Mailorder Trolls.
As far as I know the model was based on this artwork by Adrian Smith:

Blood for the Bloodgod! Yup that´s a Khorne rune!

The model  itself closely resembles the artwork, but is in a different, more stiff pose:

I really like this model, I got my own Slambo in the late 90's as part of a deal GW had back then which included 4 Classic Chaos models, I still haven´t painted all of these models, I did paint the guy in the front with his axe & Slambo, although I stripped my Slambo when I changed the colourscheme of my chaos warrior army from silver metallic to brass & he still lies unpainted somewhere, oh the shame....

Slambo became such an iconic model, he turned into somewhat of an internet meme among Warhammer Fantasy fans, some dubbed him Slambo, the Everchosen. One thing is for sure though, the sculpt inspired the look of another classic model:
Heroquest Chaos Warrior
During 6th edition GW released a lot of new Chaos models, one of them was a Chaos Champion which was an obvious nod to Slambo:
And now GW released yet another version of this iconic model, Age of Sigmar gives him, for the first time, his own rules as a named character. I don't really play AoS, so I don't know how good he is rules-wise, but I must admit that I really liked the model, even if it is in the same static pose as the original.


Knock knock
I painted my Slambo in homage of my original paintjob, but at the same time I tried to tie him in to my current KoW army, in which he will be used as a fallen, by adding bronze, verdigris & gore.
On an unrelated note, I learned that the Fandom of this guy has even gone so far as to make Slambo the Commentator for a Fan created game called “Age of Slam” which is essentially a Blood Bowl version of Basketball.

måndag 13 november 2017

Cheaphammer, does wargaming really need to be expensive?

I came to think about this post while I introduced a friend of mine to X-wing, he was looking at my warhammer stuff & told me he really like the look of various wargames using miniatures, but had never gotten into it due to it being such an expensive hobby.
Does wargaming really need to be expensive?
No, I will not tell you that my wargaming hobby has been cheap, quite the opposite, but I do believe it's very easy to play miniature wargaming quite cheap.

For starters, miniatures, there are tons of great looking miniatures on the market, Games workshop is the spearhead & have very beautiful minis, but they are also quite expensive, it's often the first place a beginner will go for their first army. While the miniatures are of good quality (though definitely not the best) they are getting increasingly pricey, especially if you're buying your paints and terrain from their stores, even when you go down the rather cheap route of say Storm of Sigmar, you need to pay at least 15-20£ for what can only be useful in skirmish gaming. I don't find this to be a bad thing, but sometimes you want to play other formats than skirmish.

Instead of going straight for the mainstream minis, shop around online. There are loads of sites selling quality minis at much lower prices, even as little as £7 for 50 men!
EM4miniatures are offering the same ones as the ones found in the Fantasy Warriors game, Orcs & Dwarves, they look rather ok:

There are 3 variants for both races, which gives you plenty of troops, 21£ will give you 50 of each sculpt, that´s 150 models! If you don't feel the need for 50 of one type of troop, the cost a measly 0.21£ per model.
& the best thing, they paint up really well!
Note even if you´re not into fantasy EM4 is still great for you as they also offer some decent looking futuristic models such as these:

Reaper is another Company which offers very cheap models, these can be found in their Bones range, these are a bit more expensive, but still cheap & combined with the models from EM4, they can be used as excellent characters, making them stand out a bit, Reaper also offers some nice monsters such as these:

The russian Company known as Tehnolog is another Company that offers great models for wargaming, their plastic is a bit soft, but still take paint rather well, it´s hard to find their models in 28mm scale though, but they have plenty of 56mm scaled models that work great for Ogres & other such monstrous infantry:

So you can get rather cheap armies full with monsters & characters for way less than 50£, in fact I think you can get a decent army for a mere 30£.
Great looking Tanks can be found from Tehnolog:
In fact I bought 2 of these tanks myself to expand my 40K 2:nd edition Chaos army. They look really nice in the flesh & offer lots of options when it comes to assembly.
Mantic is another company that offers cheap models in masses, both for fantasy & Sci-fi games. They have some of the best zombie miniatures out there imo:
So now you have your army, but paints seem to be expensive as well!? Well my answer to that is the same as with the miniatures, shop around, there are various art outlets that will sell the appropriate paints for half as much as Games Workshop & even other companies focused on wargaming offer cheaper paints, I really like coat d arms paints myself.
Finally you need some terrain, for this I'm going to suggest something that can be used for models as well, toys. I haven't found many toys I like for wargaming, at most maybe a dinosaur to use with Lizardmen (which are all unpainted & a much later project), but something really useful from the World of toys is army men accessories, look at these great toys:
They're perfect for fantasy wargaming, paint them up & no one will even notice they're old toys & they cost next to nothing on ebay, there's a bunch of other stuff available as well, such as bunkers, trees, Watch Towers etc etc.
You can make excellent hills by just using some cardboard, glue, green paint & baking powder (to fill in the holes of the cardboard).
Another thing to remember is that wargaming isn't all about huge battles, and although they might look cool, you can have just as much fun (or more!) with skirmish games. These types of games give the players control of small warbands of typically 5-15 minis with a focus on personalities and special abilities. Obviously buying a handful of miniatures costs far less than forking out for 100 and it also means you can afford the high quality ranges if you prefer that route, I still believe Storm of Sigmar is one of the best releases made by GW over the last couple of years, even if you don't like the rules. Mantic has their Vanguard kickstarter which looks promising & also offer full warbands for a mere 20$!
Personally I think Song of Blades and Heroes is one of the best fantasy skirmish games out there and well worth a buy. I've heard that Ganesha games is currently working on some sci-fi rules that work well with the 40K universe.
PS. Don´t forget that you can buy stuff on the second hand market as well, flea sales & Ebay allows you to sometimes get a real bargain, that´s how I got my second Fantasy Warriors box, it cost me roughly 12 $ with close to 100 models!