söndag 13 september 2020

Call of the Crown Herohammer Painting Challenge

Joshua and the others from Crown of the Command podcast is doing an amazing job promoting the herohammer community, if you haven´t listened to th podcast I recommend doing so (you even get to hear my voice on some of them), now they´re doing even more by having a monthly painting challenge very much like the old tale of 4 gamers. The Call of the Crown Herohammer Painting Challenge will run from September 2020 to August 2021.
Participants can take part for the full duration of the challenge with the objective being to complete a 2000 point army using an army list for either Warhammer 4th, 5th or Renaissance.
Participants may also join for either the first or second six months with the objective being to paint a 1000 point army. In order to join the challenge, participants will be required to submit a legal army list and photograph of the miniatures that will be painted for the challenge.
Models may be based and undercoated prior to the start of the challenge. The army list must be for either Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th, 5th or Renaissance editions and can include magic items taken from relevant supplements & expansions. Special characters may be included as part of an army or the models can be used as generic characters.
This was just too tempting for me, I don´t really know why since I was exhausted & failed the last time with my Wood Elves… And yet, this time I am just as eager to join!
Not because I think it will be easier, but for a whole other reason, my son. He wants an army of his own to play with, by participating I can give one to him at his 5th birthday.
Now I was certain about 2 things, due to it being given to a 5 year old, the army will be built using plastic models, they need to be able to be played with outside gaming. Secondly, I will not invest too much money in this.

The choice has been made

First I looked at mantic, but most of those models require assembly, which means they might break during play, then I realized I have 2 sets of Fantasy Warriors as well as loads of plastic orcs & goblins from various games such as Battlemasters, Heroquest & Battle for Skull Pass.
So I made a list for Orc´s & goblins, but then I realized that my son might be frustrated by their random playstyle, so I went for the other part of Fantasy Warriors game, the dwarves. What can be more reliable than a dwarf army, tough as a rock, Leadership 9 & no unreliable rules such as animosity, perfect!
I dug out the models I had, sat down, made an armylist & then ordered replacements from EM-4 miniatures so I still have at least one complete game.
Due to the fact that there´s only 3 poses, the list is slightly limited, I am also limiting myself even more as I want the list to be playable under more rule-sets than warhammer, specifically Kings of War & Dragon Rampant, so most units will consist of 12 models, but I think this is ok in a 1000 points game of warhammer as well, that´s a static combat resolution of 3 (with banner)
The models:

The armylist:
Dwarf Lord: Rune Hammer with Rune of Cleaving & Rune of Parrying, Heavy Armour with Rune of Stone, shield. 209 Points
Runesmith (will convert a model): Great Weapon, Armour of Endurance, Rune of Spellbreaking. 110 Points

1 Champion: Spear, light armour, Charmed Shield. 56 Points
12 Dwarf Miners: Great Weapons, heavy armour, standard with Standard of shielding. 194 Points
15 Dwarf Warriors: Spears, Shields, standard. 192 Points
12 Dwarf Crossbowmen: Shields, standard. 182 Points
War Machines:
1 Bolt Thrower. 56 Points.

Total 999 Points
38% Characters
56% Regiments
6% War Machines
46 individual models to paint. Maybe some extras if time allows it.
A bit light on war machines for a dwarf army, but there´s no rules for war machines in Dragon Rampant, besides the crossbowmen will do a similar job, offering my son a few tactical options during game play.
The general has a decent 2+ save which allows him to be in the thick of battle, while the Runesmith was chosen to help vs magic, to further help with this he was given a Rune of Spellbreaking for those crucial times when you lack a dispel card.
A champion was chosen to lead the Dwarf warriors, his Charmed shield keeps him alive and allows him to challenge powerful enemies that would kill his kin.

Here´s a first model trying out my colourscheme:

måndag 31 augusti 2020

Aekold Helbrass

Aekold Helbrass bears a most unusual gift, the gift that is known as the Breath of Life. Where Aekold walks the grass springs green and meadow flowers blossom. When he walks upon the desert sands and stony rocks the land bursts into life as he passes. Living things he touches spring into new and vigorous growth. The long dead wood of doors and staves takes root upon his touch. Creatures that are upon the threshold of death his touch can restore to health, for such is the power of the Breath of Life. His touch is as indiscriminate as it is potent, behind him he leaves a trail of new life and everything he touches is affected.

I needed a champion of Tzeentch on foot for a game of Triumph & treachery using Warhammer 5th edition rules, I had my old Aekold laying around but I´ve been longing to paint this model again as it is one of my all time favorite models, so what better reason than for a game!
Tried to make a Rainbow pattern on his armour while still making it look metallic, so lots of inks over metal, highlighted with metallic Paints again, pretty happy with the result, especially Windblade which I painted in non metallic colour to make it look magical.

onsdag 19 augusti 2020

Crimson Blades

Raise the banners.
Pile up the skulls
Harness the winds of magic
Beseech the Dark Gods
Summon the daemons
Rouse the warlord
The Old World is ours for the taking /Corpulax

The Crimson Blades is a small warband dedicated to the Chaos Gods Khorne and Nurgle, they often join bigger warbands as mercenaries but are also known for their raids in Kislev.

Citanul, Devoted of Khorne

Born of the Norse, he´s been dedicated to the Bloodgod ever since he was betrayed by a Slaaneshi Jarl, this represent the early days of Citanul, before he joined the Skulltakers and later challenged their leader in single combat for control of the warband.

Corpulax: Chaos master sorcerer

Once a member of the order of Grey Wizards, the man now known as Corpulax had a severe case of meningitis which had him at his deathbed, after several prayers to any who would hear him, he got the attention of Nurgle who promised to save him in exchange for his service, ever since he has been known as Corpulax.

The Burning Skulls: 5 Chaos Knights Nothing can stop the thunderous charge of the Burning Skulls knights once they have scented the blood of the foe!

The Black ravagers: 14 Chaos Warriors

Driven into battle by Corpulax, these warriors take the lives of their opponents while spreading plagues to the left and right.

The Soul Harvester: Chaos Chariot

An engine of destruction like no other, the Soul Harvester lives up to its name.

Hrungnir & Trym: Pair of Chaos trolls

Their thirst for human flesh is only equaled by their stupidity.

Rufus the mountain-cleaver: Dragon ogre
This millennia-old Dragon Ogre has little on its mind other than destroying entire tribes of men with its deadly axe.

The Bloodhunt: 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne

A gift to Citanul by the Bloodgod himself, once they have scent of their prey, nothing can stop them.

5 Harpies

Not really part of the Crimson Blades, the warband is often followed by harpies as they know there will be plenty of flesh for them to feast on once the battle has started. Finally I painted up a Beast of Nurgle that I can use in case any of my models is turned into a spawn of Chaos.

onsdag 3 juni 2020

Gotrek Gurnisson

Gotrek Gurnisson  is without a doubt the most famous character in the warhammer universe. 
His quest to find death at the hands of a worthy opponent has never been fulfilled, but in the search he has slain skaven, orcs, goblins, powerful monsters and even daemons beyond count, making him the greatest (or worst, depending on the viewpoint) dwarf slayer in the warhammer world.
This apparent contradiction is rooted in the nature of the Slayer Oath.  Having committed a crime so terrible that only death in battle will serve as atonement, Gotrek unsuccesfully continues his quest, slaying opponents any other slayer would fail to kill, his adventures have taken him all over the world, even the chaos wastes, yet no opponent has managed to withstand the killing power of his famous axe.

"Fear is for kids and elves"

I´ve been working on Gotrek for quite some time now, painted quite traditionally. I figured that anyone dedicating as much time to warhammer as myself should paint up this famous slayer, I will work on his companion, Felix Jaeger soon, even though they´re not part of any of my armies, I figured that they could fit into many narrative battles.

As for the books, well I love the first omnibus, which includes Trollslayer & Skavenslayer, after that I feel that the stories get a little out of hand, the opponents are mighty enough to rival a god, yet Gotrek prevails, however there are some gems even in the later books, I especially like Road of Skulls which is not written by William King, but rather Josh Reynolds. The ending by David Guymer , Kinslayer & Slayer, while predictable & over the top, was rather well written too.
I haven´t read anything about Gotrek in Age of Sigmar, personally I feel it was a shame they brought him back, will this slayer never find his doom!?

torsdag 28 maj 2020

Monopose may

At the Middlehammer Facebook group they have monthly challenges, this month's painting challenge is themed around the (in)famous Plastic Monopose minis that were for many their first taste of owning their own slice of Warhammer Wonderfulness!
The theme covers both Warhammer Fantasy (inc Warhammer Quest etc.) and Warhammer 40,000 (inc Necromunda, Epic etc.) provided your entry focusses on the majesty of... the monopose plastic sets we all know and love ...even though some love to hate, let's prove 'em wrong!
I painted up my first ever Chaos space marine & while at it I decided to have a go at the infamous Heroquest Chaos warrior, obviously a relative to Slambo!
The scheme on this guy was inspired by my training wear from Gasp, it´s black with orange details & text in a very dark grey, I painted it in the old 3 step method advised by Kevin Dallimore, so no washes at all, kept the highlights on the black to a minimum as I didn´t want it to look grey.
Tthis pic is most true to the colours irl.

The Heroquest Chaos warrior however was painted in a mix of different methods, armour was 3 steps Dallimore, but afterwards washed with Classic armour wash. The red shoulderpads were a homage to the red era, but painted in a modern way, it was first painted gold with Contrast paint Flesh tearers red over it to get a metallic finish (which looks a lot better in person than in these pics). The model is slightly converted to have a second axe to look more like Slambo

söndag 22 mars 2020

Blast from the past - Evil Cleric

Back in 1999 when ebay was rather new, I used to sit in a friends basement & wonder at all the oop Games Workshop stuff, I bought a shitload, in fact most of my 80´s stuff was bought back then, when bargains was rather easy to find, unlike today. One thing I bought was the FAC22 Evil Cleric.
It looked really cool on the picture & I thought he would make an excellent leader for my Chaos knights, despite the age (sculpted in 1982), when it arrived I was very dissapointed, he was so much smaller than the other stuff I had, so I felt I had no use for him, however I still felt the sculpt was rather nice, so I decided to paint it anyway, I remember doing some experiments on the model, such as metallic black armour, adding  another layer of highlights to the red etc etc. Then he went into a box, not to be seen again until yesterday when I was rummaging a few old boxes searching for my Battle Masters Tower. I took out the model, snapped a few pics & then put him into my display cabinet.

It´s not the best painted model, it was after all over 20 years ago it got painted, it might just be me being nostalgic but I like it!
There´s a foot version as well of it, I never painted mine though I did see the model when rummaging through said boxes.

tisdag 17 mars 2020

Vha'shaelhur the Mauler

Vha'shaelhur the Mauler: Once a blacksmith's son in Bretonnia, Vha'shaelhur, or as he was known then, Remy, won a huge sum of money from a noble's son, he quickly learned to love the lifestyle of the rich and prosperous. It all ended one day when his father learned of where Remy had gained his wealth, and told the local Knight of the Realm, the Bretonnian noble sent his men after Remy's family, whom betrayed his location without hesitation, once found Remy was stripped of all money, lashed by the noblemans son he had won the money from and branded as a thief.
Shunned by everyone, he had nowhere to go except north. Driven mad by betrayed hate, Remy sold his soul to Slaanesh for the chance to exact revenge on his family and the Bretonnian nobles, he was forever after known as Vha'shaelhur.

Painted in different colours than what is usually associated with Slaanesh, I figured it was better if it fits in with the rest of my mainly Khornate army rather than stand out too much, but the scheme works for the steed imo!