fredag 14 juli 2017

Painting Inspiration

Yesterday I had a day off so I decided that I should spend some time painting, so I took my stuff out, only to realize I was not really in the mood for painting. Being at the computer all day seemed like a waste of time so I started looking through some old stuff I had, trying to get some inspiration to paint, & it got me thinking, what inspires others to paint? I find that just looking at someone else’s painted models can help you find that motivation to paint your own miniatures. The Internet is full of some amazing looking miniatures, forums, magazines such as White Dwarf, even battle reports on Youtube all offer some good inspiration and there are hundreds of blogs out there dedicated to showcasing people’s armies.

Here´s my favorite inspiration sources:
I know some people get inspired by listening to a song or looking at a movie/tv series, I myself like having such things in the background when painting, my personal preferences are Vikings, Game of Thrones & ofc the Lord of the Rings movies. If you're more into the futuristic side of the hobby then I recommend Mad Max.
 How it feels like when you look at all the stuff that need painting, a journey without an end....

Running A Blog or Project Log
Running your own blog or a project log on a forum has also helped me in the past. You start to feel a sense of duty that you really should get your miniatures painted so you can share them with the world. This method is usually great at first but it does get difficult to sustain, especially if you don’t get as many comments and hits as you would like. I have had project logs on Warseer fade away into the warp but they are great motivators to begin with at least. Hopefully this blog will continue to inspire me to paint, even though my painting mojo is rather weak atm (lots of stuff going on with the new house)
Please do share your inspiration sources!

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  1. A good question; for me I find the best inspiration is playing games!

    For many years I really just painted miniatures and I never really finished any projects. When you've got games to play, there is motivation to finish that army!

    1. Gaming is ofc one of the best ways to get a model painted, a great motivatior, however if you don't really know when the next game is or if you know it's a long time til the next one, then I get my painting mojo from looking at painted models.